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The Glitters Duo

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Buenos Aires

“Glitters Duo are an Argentinian duo cover created on 2018, when Gonzalo Fletcher (Voice, Keys and Guitar) met Verona Meza (Lead Voice) working together in a lot of artistic projects from 2017. After realizing they had a similar style and a unique vocal blend, they soon found themselves working regularly a a duo. The energy they generate on stage is a unique alchemy, a true experience for the viewer who can feel that something special vibrates wherever these two share their voices and souls. They will bring all the professionalism and diversity in music you need for your private events, weddings and corporate galas.

Glitters Duo showcases amazing vocals and carefully chosen medleys of your favorite songs. The Glitters exceeds your every expectation and ensures that your guest have the time of their lives. From smooth ballads, classic jazz music at dinner to the best in funk, classic rock, 80 ́s, pop as well as current dance and electronic hits, Glitters Duo knows just how to musically program your event with something for everybody. Their number one priority is to make your event a fantastic success, from beginning to end.”

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