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When five men from around the world first met in the Spring of 2018, they never anticipated the strength of their soon to be brotherhood. With different nationalities, different political backgrounds and interests, and different generations (depending on which member you speak with), they stood united in music. These men brought their unique traits to the table, crafting a show that is both pop, and opera; moving, yet comedic; contemporary and old fashioned. One thing is certain, you’ll fall in love with the youngest, Sam McLallan, for his charm and naivete. Likewise for Brian Mccann and his Irish rogue and powerhouse vocals. Garrett Deagon will woo you with his sarcastic wit and smooth moves. Jon Reinhold will captivate you with his compassion and devilishly good looks. And Richard Taylor Woods will have you on the floor laughing when he recounts his boy-band youth. And while they are enthralling individually, as UNITY they are unmatched.


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