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Tom Crosbie


Comedy Magic

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Manchester (UK)

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Tom’s unique brand of ‘performance-nerdery’ seamlessly fuses his whimsical comedy with uniquely inspiring feats of skill, which leave those watching not only entertained, but desperate to find their own nerdy gifts.

Secretly, Tom Crosbie thinks everyone is a little bit of a nerd, but he is the complete nerd package.

Delighting in elevating the simplest of pursuits to an art form, Tom Crosbie has dazzled audiences worldwide with his overactive brain, hyperactive hands and largely unattractive voice in a nerdy tour-de-force where the humble Rubik’s cube transforms from a simple plaything to both paint and canvas. A nerd is someone who is so deeply excited about something that they just can’t help share that enthusiasm with you. Tom Crosbie is a nerd who is nerdy about nerds; a nerd squared if you will. His infectious enthusiasm spreads like a wild fire.

An underground hit at the Edinburgh Festival, he is now overground and wombling free, with only his razor sharp wit and a surprising amount of Rubik’s cubes to protect him. We don’t stand a chance.


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