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Tim Motley


Comedy Mentalist

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Adelaide International Airport (ADL)

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Tim Motley has been performing professionally for over twenty years as a comedian, mentalist, magician, actor, radio show host, improvisor, and variety performer. He is well known to arts festival patrons for combining comedy and magic with the filmnoir detective genre his award winning shows such as Prohibition”, “Dirk Darrow: NCSSI”, and “Mad Magic”. These shows have toured festivals around the world and OffBroadway for many years, have garnered 15 international awards, and have received many excellent reviews.

Tim has created and toured internationally ten solo shows and three cast shows to date. Originally from Philadelphia, he is now also a full Australian citizen living in Adelaide, and has performed in 49 countries.

Tim has honed his mentalism and comedy skills over 18 years full-time performing in 42 countries at festivals, on radio, at private gigs, and on cruise ships. He’s performed for such celebrities as Richard Branson, Baz Lurhmann, and Lachlan Murdoch. An impressive original mentalist AND a true comedian with chops, he’s a remarkable and innovative “tour de force.” (-London Free Press, Edmonton Sun, Australian Stage)

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