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The Distinguished Daredevils


Comedy Variety, New Artist

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70 mins

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Bill Berry is a Generation X’er with three world juggling championships and three Guinness world records. He believes in hard work because nothing in life is free.

Noah Royak is a millennial with an impressive array of participation trophies. He’s also the first and only recipient of a full-ride scholarship to the world-famous clown school in Paris, hosted by Slava. He could have afforded the tuition but believes his money is better spent on lattes and avocado toast. His shenanigans have been seen on America’s Got Talent where he impressed the judges with his ability to make eye contact without his lower lip quivering, a talent few millennials possess.

In 2018 this mismatched duo teamed up to form The Distinguished Daredevils. The result is a hilarious and heartwarming journey through classic variety entertainment and the myriad ways those old-fashioned skills can be circumvented by youthful inventiveness.

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