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The Colorful People


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Vienna VIE

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90 Mins

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Colorful People is one of the most promising young bands of the current Czech-Slovak music scene. Versatile enchanting musicians and singers with no limits or genre boundaries“, as head of the biggest music festival in Czech Republic – David Gaydecka – said.

 The trio was formed after the studies at Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague. Their passion for latin-american music brought them to Brazil. They were awarded a full scholarship at Institute of Music called “Escola de Choro Raphael Rabello” in Brasília, Brazil. After studies, they performed in Brazil, Perú and Bolívia.

Finalists of slovak jazz competition Jazz Start Up.

They participated together with students and alumnis of Berklee College of Music at a concert of czech rockstar Petr Janda in Red Room, Boston, USA.

They performed their original music along with famous bossa-novas by Antonio Carlos Jobim together with South Czech Filharmonic in Metropol, Czech Republic.

They appeared on stage with broadway star and finalist of America’s got Talent Moya Angela (USA), at her unique concert on main square in Bratislava, Slovakia.

They performed together with slovak choir ‚Piarissimo‘ in New York and Boston, USA.

They performed at big festivals in Czech Republic such as Metronome Prague, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, United Islands of Prague, Cesky Krumlov International Music Festival, but also on a big festival in Brussels, Belgium.

They supported jazz and soul music world stars such as outstanding singer and drummer Jamison Ross (USA) or phenomenal double bass player and composer Avishai Cohen (Israel).

Recently, they released a debut album (EP) “Reflections vol.1”, which reflects their musical journey, inspiration and combines pop and soul with world music. The album is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms.

Soon, they are about to release an acoustic album, that will bring their unique arrangements of the hits by famous singers such as Sting, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Lionel Richie, Joss Stone, John Mayer and others.


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