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The Birdwatchers


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Salt Lake City

Minutes of material:

90 Mins

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The Birdwatchers are an acoustic, vocal focused trio that formed in Cedar City, UT, and are now based in Provo, UT. Kim Bjerga, Clark Holmes, and Andy Nufer specialize in fun, melt-your-heart music with handsome harmonies and an instrumental emphasis in ukuleles.

Kim and Andy have been friends for years since their time at a high school in Southern Utah, and later living together as roommates while attending a university in the same small town of Cedar City. They were previously in a rock band called Apollo’s Army with some other friends from high school. While living together in college, they met Clark at a crepe party they were hosting at their house, where Clark picked up Kim’s ukulele and the two started jamming together. Kim and Andy decided to learn a couple songs with Clark for fun, and the three came together as a group when a mutual friend asked them to serve dinner to him and his date wearing nothing but speedos.  They agreed and decided to add aprons and bowties to the outfit. At the end of the meal they had the idea to grab some instruments to serenade their friend and his understandably surprised date. That night the trio inadvertently became a band, humorously calling themselves The Naked Waiters. They later changed the name to The Birdwatchers, deciding that name reflected their true values more accurately, since they love nature and spending time outside! Word got out, and people started hiring the trio for events such as farmer’s markets, weddings, festivals, galas, parties, corporate events, resorts, etc.

A few months later they found a flourishing music scene in Provo, Utah, where they really started writing music together. Their original tunes stray from the typical love song trend, and are written about authentic topics like the town where they met, an episode of Pokemon, their favorite balcony, and even the antics of Clark’s pet cat.

They have been personally invited by producers a few times to audition for the show America’s Got Talent, and were even taped in front of the celebrity judges, who gave them all 4 yeses, although the audition didn’t end up being aired. For several months the band spent time living in Hawaii to finish writing and recording their first original album, which is now released and available for streaming on all platforms. They are now based in Utah again working on album number two. They have won several music competitions in their state and headline their own concerts from time to time. The Birdwatchers enjoy performing and teaching workshops at ukulele festivals around the United States and countries such as Scotland, Austria, Canada, Tahiti and Australia.

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