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Tango Cervila (Esteban & Melody)


Variety Act

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Buenos Aires

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After an intensive individual career that includes being World tango Champion in 2007, and performances at City Center (New York), Saddler’s Wells (London), Carré Thetre (Holland) and Theatre du Chatellet (Paris) among others, Esteban & Melody began to work together in 2014 in the musical “Tanguera”, being the leader in many international tours.

Show 1. Tango World Champ Show: A traditional tango show that talks about the meeting of two people through different dances: waltzes, tango and milonga. With a close of our native music and dance, Argentine folklore.

Show 2. When Tango meets Rock:  This show has the characteristic of being a fusion of two successful styles for its popularity.Tango and rock have given rise to this show, tango with its seductive dance and rock with its vibrant music.


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