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Sebastian Fucci


Instrumental Multi, New Artist

Home airport:

Buenos Aires EZE

Minutes of material:

45 Mins

Show language:


Born in Argentina, from an Italian-French family, this multi-instrumentalist has evolved thru the years, becoming a successful arranger, producer, orchestrator, and live performer. He is a powerful and versatile piano player, who can deliver at the highest level of performance, from classical music to jazz, tango, salsa, and many different styles, not only at the piano, but also with the accordion, flute, and saxophone. Starting his work in 1996, Sebastian has been playing around the world with many different international artists, and he has participated in more than 50 albums as a pianist, orchestrator, and producer. Some of those albums have been won and nominated for the Grammy and Latin Grammy awards. His last work as an arranger in year 2021 has won for the best Latin rock album and Best Latin Rock song. As an orchestrator, he worked for the National Symphonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires for the last years together with the most important artist in Argentina. With a great finesse and a polished classical technique, Sebastian has no limitations at the moment of creation, performance and improvisation. Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Bill Evans and Ennio Morricone are some of his preferred composers. Always looking for inspiration and improvement, he transforms his shows into an extraordinary experience for the senses. His genuine and fresh personality, are the keys of interaction in every presentation. With an intimate atmosphere and gentle humor, the audience will get involved with the artist in a musical journey.

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