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Patrick Keane



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Los Angeles

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Patrick can’t believe anyone would read this, but here we go: Originally from the Midwest, raised in Orange County, college in Montana and a three year stint in Asia make Patrick Keane a comedian with a background. Why college in Montana? Football scholarship. Why Asia? To get away from football.

Patrick has appeared on Comedy Central, the Late Late Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tosh.0, The Bob and Tom show, XM Radio, Spotify, Comics Unleashed, and the Montreal Comedy Festival. Asked what the key is to comedy, this writer/comedian says, “I try not to be funny and it usually works.” His album, (2 and 2 Be Fo’), is out now on iTunes, Amazon, Google and Spotify.

Patrick can name all the U.S. Presidents in order and knows every Super Bowl match up in history, which is a shame since he can’t even remember all the names of people in his family. His dry sarcastic self-deprecating style originates from comedy influences Bill Murray, Gene Wilder and John Wooden.  Like Tom Hagen, Patrick Keane is of German-Irish descent. In addition to doing comedy, Patrick also likes to do magic and sometimes he’s able to make comedy completely disappear from the room.



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