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Nelson Lugo


Comedy Magic, New Artist

Home airport:

New York JFK

Minutes of material:

45 Mins

Show language:


Nelson Lugo is a New York City based magician, storyteller, and sideshow artist. A former ringmaster for the Big Apple Circus and a former puppeteer for the Jim Henson Company, his stories can be heard on The Moth Podcast as well as RISK and the Story Collider podcasts. He is a vaudevillian, who has evolved his singular performance style showcasing classic  prestidigitation with a wink and a nod to the pop culture that has shaped him. His irreverent style of magic has been performed and taught at Google, Bank of America, and for his nieces and nephews. His most recent accomplishment is winning the 2022 Critics Choice Award for Best Magic Show at the Orlando Fringe Festival. Nelson often wonders what his life would have looked like if he’d been given a box of Lincoln Logs instead of a magic kit when he was nine. His brand of magic is singularly unique and he delivers an experience that truly has never been seen before.

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