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Michael Halvarson



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Michael Halvarson is the Swedish comedy performer who has taken the art of pickpocketing to a higher level.

In 2006 Michael joined Cirque du Soleil to work with master clown and director David Shiner to originate one of the main characters and acts for the show Kooza. The show opened in 2007 and since then Michael has been touring with the show for many years. His act has been seen by millions of people on stages and on television shows worldwide. In 2013 he also had the honor of performing with Kooza for a long run at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

In Sweden Michael is a well-known comedy magician – especially after his TV-series of ten prime time TV-shows on national television called “Helt magiskt”. Michael has also been invited as guest act to perform on the hit TV-show “The Magicians” on BBC One in the UK. In Singapore he played “The Trixter” in the large world touring show “The Illusionists” with some of the world’s top magicians. Michael is a frequently booked artist for galas and shows in Monaco and was recently invited as the head act at the New Year Gala at Hôtel de Paris and twice to the gala for the Rallye Monte-Carlo. In 2018 Michael was part of the five exclusive performances of the show “Monte-Carlo” in Monaco – once again produced by Cirque du Soleil.

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