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Miami Voice


Bands and Groups, New Artist

Home airport:

Heathrow, UK

Minutes of material:

90 Mins

Show language:


Big voices, even bigger shoulder pads and hair so big it had its own zipcode – the 80s was a total hit factory! Miami Voice have travelled through time in a certain borrowed DeLorean to bring you the sounds of that neon paradise. Whether you’re a new romantic, a rocker, an electro-head or a pop chart addict you’ll be out partying with us from ’80 to ’89. We are more 80s than David Hasselhoff driving a Ford Cortina whilst listening to Kenny Loggins on cassette. All the swagger and pastel suits of Don Johnson with killer ‘voices’ not ‘vices’!

So, roll up those suit sleeves, put some spray in that perm and get yourselves revved up to 88 miles per hour! The cassette is in the hi-fi and it’s time to hit play!

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