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Mark McConville



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As a Comedian Mark has been seen on all of the major commercial TV channels as well as being a featured comic on the Comedy Channels “Home Delivered Comedy”.

Radio stations haven’t escaped his attention either, having been heard around the country under the “Home Grown Humour” banner, but to be fully appreciated, he has to be seen live. Whether it be in a pub in an Outback town like Roma, or one of Melbourne’s premier comedy venues Mark has been touring the country spreading his infectious brand of humour and leaving patrons literally hurting from laughter.

His approach is up front and personal with a direct manner that means the audience is engaged from the moment he steps onto the stage. A great story teller and with gags that cut to the chase, he gives the audience a full physical workout of the best possible medicine – laughter.

Life has seen Mark in roles as diverse as labouring, sales and emergency rescue He draws from a life full of strange, interesting and always funny experiences.

Mark has the innate ability to connect with people from all walks of life. He can zero in on a topic and present it in a way that makes you laugh and laugh hard, taking those everyday situations we all find ourselves in and makes them amusing to all.

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