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Mark Hussey


Instrumental Guitar

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Until very recently Mark Hussey has been a well kept secret amongst guitarists from all over the globe. His compositions and arrangements have been studied by thousands of aspiring and professional performers. Mark, a self taught musician has developed a unique style and approach to classical music.

Despite his Doctoral degree from the University of Oxford in Virology he has become a force in guitar and is already an authority in both classical and fingerstyle guitar
communities. He draws his influence form the great Paco de Lucia, Andres Segovia and Joe Pass to name a few. Still practising over 8 hours a day, Mark’s attention to detail and sound quality in every note is unmistakable. His performances are suited to both day time and evening entertainment.

As a composer and arranger Mark now brings us his skilful and detailed musicianship. He has released a powerful and emotive, fully orchestrated album of original material to critical acclaim (Concierto de los sueños).

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