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Magical Misstery Four


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Magical Misstery Four is their first show to hit the stage and delivers a unique tribute to the Beatles songs as you’ve never heard them before. From Soul to Motown, Jazz to Big Band, Gospel to Opera this show mixes together musical genres that appeal to each of their vocal styles so has something for everyone. The girls have cleverly arranged the show using medleys to feature as many songs as possible and have managed to fit over 20 songs into one 45 minute show but most importantly, they are giving audiences around the world a whole new Beatles experience!

In this show the girls start with just the piano and their voices but then take the audience on a musical journey through the Beatles’ best hits as the show builds to include the full live band. With an insight into how, why and what has inspired Sister Twist and their musical choices, as well as a bit of fun along the way, audiences have commented on how their arrangements bring a whole new meaning to some of the Beatles’ classics.

Stripped back to just four voices and a piano the quality of their voices and complexity of the arrangements really shines through. You’ll be treated to beautiful and intricate harmonies as these girls perform their own renditions of Beatles classics as you’ve never heard them before. Accompanied solely by themselves, this show oozes class and sophistication and has proved a popular addition when performed in a lounge bar setting, in the centrum or dining room.

Please note: The ‘Unplugged’ and the ‘Cabaret Show’ can be booked alongside each other to be performed on different nights. Please also note, if the ‘Unplugged’ show is being booked on its own it is possible to increase the show length, please ask for details.

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