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Just Adele


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JUST ADELE is a tribute to this star like no other, you’ll be transported to an Adele concert experience.

Christina Rogers is from the UK and has a spectacular talent, just like the superstar herself. With songs carefully selected from all three albums, featuring hits such as ‘Hello’ and ‘Someone like you’ you’ll be sure to hear and no doubt singalong to your favourites. With remarkable attention to detail, this show will provide you with not only dazzling songs but also the hair, the nails, the dress, and of course…… that iconic voice. A true representation of this award winning superstar.

Christina has been singing for as long as she remembers, following in both her mothers and grandmothers footsteps. Performing on stages from the age of 5, her path was clear, growing from strength to strength. Christina is from a beautiful little town in South Wales, where she also learnt piano and saxophone. After school, the big move to London came in 2009 where she gained her BA degree in Music and Drama. Since then she has performed on many stages in Wales, London and all around the world. The last two years have been spent on cruise ships, subsequently developing herself into this fresh tribute show as countless guests comment on the uncanny resemblance and sound to the one and only Adele.

Christina has a versatile voice that covers a lot of different styles, she also has a show that showcases her talent of jazz, musical theatre and lots more.

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