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Jumping Jack Flash


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Perth International Airport (PER)

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The legendary Rolling Stones are unmatched in musical history for their power and presence on stage. Jumping Jack Flash are a group of dedicated, enormously experienced performers who make it very clear why The Rolling Stones are, and always will be, “the greatest rock and roll band in the world”

Jumping Jack Flash have been featured on TV shows in Asia including MTV Asia as well as Australia’s Channel 7 & 9.
At the heart of this world-class tribute to The Rolling Stones are Tom Jennis as Mick Jagger, and Rocky Evangelisti as Keith Richards – the ‘Glimmer Twins’. Jennis perfectly captures the strutting, swaggering charisma of Jagger’s stage presence, while Evangalisti faultlessly reproduces the attitude and performance of rock and roll’s original guitar hero – Keith Richards.  With the rest of this five piece live band at full throttle, they blast out hit after Stones hit with full concert production.

Double Headliner – Two World Class Tribute Shows From One Band
The same performers that create Jumping Jack Flash, also produce The Australian Beatles.  Blackburn International present both shows for cruise line entertainment for the price of one!

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