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Jonathan Atherton



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Gold Coast, Australia

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Jonathan Atherton is Australia’s  most travelled comedian, and has always had an internationalist aspect to his material.

The dedicated traveler is fluent in 9 languages. He has worked and studied in most parts of the world. Jonathan has an enormous list of achievements including
hosting the Lonely Planet series on television, acting in Warner Roadshow productions, hosting breakfast radio in Singapore, and has performed at innumerable

corporate functions as a comedian.  He was selected by iflix (an Asian cable network) to write and perform their first in-house comedy special,”Disoriental”, broadcast to over 50 million viewers.

A veteran of comedy, his style is clever and adaptable, and he is an expert at reading an audience, then bringing them together. Despite his intellectual bent, Jonathan is able to converse with any crowd confidently, and is always a pleasure to watch. His years of experience as a presenter, and comedian at venues across Australian and the world,

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