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Jim Hodson


Instrumental Multi

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Jim hails from Melbourne, Australia, a city famous for being far faraway from most other places. In between drinking copious amounts of pretentious coffee, Jim somehow found the time to study guitar, trumpet and composition. He attained a Masters degree in music from Melbourne University, and had his compositions performed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. A piece of his won an international composition prize, which thrilled Jim, since it allowed him to preface his name with the description: “award-winning composer.”

After studying, Jim took off on a voyage of musical discovery, which essentially meant travelling to different countries and pestering interesting musicians into sharing their tricks. He has collaborated with musicians from China, Bulgaria, Finland, Bangladesh, Italy and the UK, and even got the opportunity to perform on the Antarctic continent. He is now luckily able to share his love of music from around the world, along with soaring guitar solos and fancy fret-work.

The addition of the ukulele to the mix happened relatively recently, since Jim realised the potential of this unassuming small instrument. You will definitely be surprised at how the humble ukulele can be transformed in the hands of someone we might reluctantly call a professional.

Jim is excited to be able to travel the world performing the music he loves, while steadfastly insisting that no-one makes coffee as well as they do in his home town. When not writing about himself in the third person, Jim is an avid kayaker, kangaroo enthusiast and whiskey-taster.

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