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Harrison Treble


New Artist, Piano Entertainer

Home airport:

Heathrow, UK

Minutes of material:

90 Mins

Show language:


Born and raised just outside of Bristol UK, Harrison comes from strong musical heritage and has the perfect surname to go with it (Yes, that’s his real name!!) His grandmother started him off on his musical journey teaching him songs by Rock ’n’ Roll greats such as Jerry Lee Lewis from a very early age. Harrison’s Rock and Blues guitar playing Dad was also a massive influence, in fact Harrison began his professional career playing in his dad’s band at the early age of 16. This eventually led to him working in various 5 star hotels worldwide and more recently in some of London’s finest venues, including a residency at the West Ends top piano bar! In 2021 Harrison had the great honour of being personally selected by none other than Gary Barlow to front the 710 Club Band on P&Os flagship Iona. The band and its sound was shaped around Harrison’s unique style and performance and went on to be a run away success and by far the most popular venue on board that ship!

Harrison is a self trained musician who has an uncanny talent to play pretty much anything by ear at the drop of a hat! He also has the ability to break that fourth wall and really engage an audience, inviting them into his performance.

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