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Five O’Clock Somewhere


Instrumental Multi

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Copenhagen - CPH

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Five O’clock Somewhere are Tabitha Christophersen and Adam Purcell, two truly amazing performers from London who create the ultimate musical entertainment experience.Together they present a rare combination, drawing in their audiences with an outstanding vocal performance, impressive multi-instrumental combinations and an innovative and modern use of technology on stage. Based around looping and sampling, the show incorporates modern technology with both new and classic songs, presented in a fresh way that you’ve never heard before.

What makes this show really exceptional, is the way that Five O’clock Somewhere incorporates so many elements, instruments, flavours and ideas into one concept, that at the end of the day results in beautiful sounds and a memorable musical experience, at the same time as it surprises and wows you until the very last note has died out. Never failing to amaze and impress people all over the world, this couple will bring you a unique show that you won’t soon forget.

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