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El Omar


Comedian, New Artist

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90 Mins

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For over 16 years, Omar Tarango has been making comedy club audiences laugh all across the country. His clean delivery of material and clever approaches for delivering“ edgier” content has made him a comedy club favorite.

Fresh off the nationally touring production,The Latin Comedy Jam, and currently touring with the Borderland Kings of Comedy,Omar Tarango has shared the limelight with Paul Rodriguez, Doug Standhope, Brian Scolaro, Willie Barcena, Johnny Sanchez, Carlos Mencia, Bill Dwyer Steve, Trevino Omar Tarango tours the country, leaving behind as slew of laughing new fans in his  wake! Omar Tarango is the face of a new comedy generation. Those who have seen him in action will come back for a dose of more of this hilarious youngstar in the making! Omar Tarango delivers each and every time he hits the stage. Don’t miss this “Diamond in the rough”.The laughs are guaranteed to be explosive!“If Omar was a bond ,I’d buy stocks in him.”–Paul Rodriguez

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