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Dmitry Rotkin


Instrumental Violin, New Artist

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90 Mins

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Dmitry Rotkin was born and raised in Odessa Ukraine.He became the first musician in the family.

Began his violin lessons at the age of four at the most prestigious music school in Ukraine.
From the first years of study, he already showed himself as an improvising violinist.
Having received his education as a classical violinist, Dmitry realized that this was not enough.

And so he began to study modern violin art. He mastered the special technique of tremolo and pizzicato on the violin.

Worldwide, no more than 10 violinists have mastered this tremolo technique! and therefore, the violin in Dmitry’s hands does not just play, but speaks. Dmitry began working at the age of 12 and became a member of many musical projects in his hometown of Odessa.

At the age of 19, got a job as a musician on small river cruise ship. And since then, he realized that working on cruise ships is a great opportunity to see the world and share his musical art with people around the world.

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