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Danny Cannis


New Artist, Vocalist Male

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Minutes of material:

45 Mins

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Hailing all the way from Toronto Canada, Danny graduated from the prestigious Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, and won the Triple Threat Award of his year. On his way to achieving his dreams and aspirations, he landed roles for different musicals. His key roles include; Sir Lionel – U.S tour of the musical Camelot, Gaston – North American tour of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Officer Lockstock – URINETOWN, Toronto Theater.

With years of training and experience under his belt, he has developed a unique and dynamic style that sets him apart from the competition. His performances are always full of energy and emotion, and he has a way of connecting with his audience that is truly special.

Danny is a versatile vocalist and entertainer with a talent for engaging and delighting audiences of all ages. With a wide range of musical influences, he is able to perform a diverse range of genres, from musical theater to pop rock to jazz and blues. His strong and powerful voice is well suited to upbeat, energetic performances, but he is equally at home with more intimate, soulful numbers. On stage, Danny is a true professional, able to command the attention of the room and keep the crowd entertained from start to finish. Whether he is performing solo or with a band, Danny always brings his A-game, no wonder Danny is in high demand as a performer.







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