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Christopher Carter


Comedy Mentalist, New Artist

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90 Mins

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Christopher Carter has been called one of the world’s greatest mind-readers. But he’s not psychic. He has no super powers. He’s just in the business of freaking people out

A winner of the coveted Dunninger Award,considered the “Oscars” of the world of mentalists and mind-readers, Christopher has entertained around the world. From Finland, to Mexico, to Qatar, to every state in the USA, he has amazed and thrilled corporate, college, and theater audiences with his astonishing feats of apparent mind power.

Christopher is much more than a mind-reader, though. He’s an ENTERTAINER. His feats are fun, high-energy, and completely interactive.

Christopher has featured on the cover of American Corporate Entertainment Magazine, been awarded Campus Entertainer of The Year by Campus Activities Magazine, and has given over 3500 live performances.

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