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Chris Gable


Instrumental Multi

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Sydney, Australia

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We are delighted to present Chris Gable, one of the most talented and versatile acts to be found at sea! Chris has been delighting cruise ship audiences all over the world for over eight years; it’s no mystery that he’s become a fleet favourite across them all.

Chris’s musical journey began at age ten on clarinet. Saxophone was added at age 13; guitar at age 19; bass at age 22; flute at age 26. Gifted with an incredible ear for harmony, he is largely self-taught on most instruments, although he attributes much of his aural skills to having learnt the basics of jazz harmony from some of Australia’s most celebrated tutors whilst studying at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Given his tuition on these instruments, it becomes understandable how he can be fluent in so many different musical styles. Classically trained on clarinet, jazz on saxophone, harmonic & jazz theory on piano, pop & rock on guitar and bass; he has always been at pains to learn as many different instruments and styles as possible, never shying away from any genre.

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