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Bella Popera


Bands and Groups, New Artist

Home airport:

Heathrow, UK

Minutes of material:

90 Mins

Show language:


Performing in exclusive venues across the UK, and with their exponentially growing online presence, the acclaimed pop opera group Bella Popera consists of three young sopranos who are a crossover sensation. They sing classical. They belt rock. They wow audiences with their breathtaking set of operatic arias, chart-topping medleys and modern covers. Having seen them perform in London, celebrity investor Deborah Meadon had little doubt that their original three-part harmonies of chart-topping hits were heavenly indeed – “Voices of Angels”.

Crossover is the name of their game. Meaning that Bella Popera deliver classy classical arias such as Carmen’s Habanera and Delibes’s Flower Duet with style and flair. But as the applause continues to reverberate around the performance venue they immediately take off, naturally and effortlessly, into the world of pop and rock, of Boogie Woogie or Motown – and much more besides. Versatility is their watchword. Belting Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus – but with a classical twist. Singing Havana by Camila Cabello with innovative operatic harmonies. The Bella Popera girls also know how to engage with audiences throughout their show – in which there is always something for everyone to enjoy.

The Bellas are girls with a goal: to build musical bridges between contrasting genres and in so doing give unexpected interpretations to your favourite songs. The group is also rightly proud of its linguistic diversity being equally at ease performing in English, Spanish, French and Italian – perfect for premium cruising and corporate events alike.

Bella Popera are continuously building on their already exciting repertoire, determined to interact with audiences throughout their performance, and love nothing more than opera’rocking you off of your seat. No matter where in the world that might be!

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