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Andrew Lee



Home airport:

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Minutes of material:


Show language:

English, Mandarin, Japanese

Andrew Lee is an Illusionist, a Mentalist and a Magician. He is Malaysia’s Voted No.1 Magician. His unique acts have mesmerised audiences across Asia, Europe, Australia, India, and the Middle East.

In 2018, Andrew Lee made headlines over his Britain’s Got Talent’s audition and he started 2019 by blowing away some 650,000 people who attended the London New Year’s Day Parade (LNYDP) 2019.

Going beyond conjuring up shocks and surprises, Andrew creates personal connections with his audiences. He charms all ages through genuine friendliness, humour and up close interactions. Although his craft encompasses trickery, the emotions and feelings stirred up are undeniably real. And in those moments, as their faces light up, it is as though time stands still. That for Andrew, is pure magic.

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