Vocalist Female

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Manila, PH

Minutes of Material


Show Language

English, Mandarin


Birdy Ding Yu, formerly known as Desiree Camborne Ting, a Filipino singer, was born into a musical family. Her father was a professional singer, and her sister is a local singer in the Philippines.

Birdy came to Taiwan in 2010, began to learn Chinese and thrilled the audience in the 2013 “Super Idol” which led to her growing fame in the PK Chinese pop music scene. In 2014 she entered the “Super Star 1 to Become a Singer” to further her accomplishments. By 2015 Birdy dominated “The Most Beautiful Harmony” singing contest in China and became a social media favourite, having earned a nickname as the “Filipina Diva” and gaining more than 10 million fans thanks to her onstage charisma and presence.

Having both a music and dance background, Birdy possesses a versatile repertoire of skills. She has an innate ability to charm and inspire audiences at live shows, effortlessly performing in pop, R&B and folk music genres.


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