Bill Wheeler

Bill Wheeler


Comedy Hypnotist

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Sydney, AU

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Bill Wheeler’s comedy hypnosis show, can only be described in one word, “Mesmerising”. With his performance as a hypnotist being both dynamic and electrifying, Bill combines the mystic art of hypnosis with a natural comedic flair,to produce an innovative stage production for audiences of all ages.

His on-stage volunteers become the stars of the show, as Bill takes them deep down into a hypnotic trance, enabling them the opportunity to experience heightened creativity, increased relaxation and sharpened mental empowerment, all to the unending delight of audiences.

It is with his participants in this hypnotised state, that Bill builds his enormously entertaining performance, delighting participants and audience members alike together with his fast-paced wit in a superb, unforgettable one of a kind performance. Each participant will react differently to the suggestions offered, so no two shows are ever alike! Both participants and audience are guaranteed to come out of Bill’s show feeling more energised, alive and full of life than when they walked in.

If you’re looking for a show that your audience will be talking about for months, then look no further than the hypnotic genius of Bill Wheeler.


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