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Performing internationally and at exclusive venues across the UK, the acclaimed pop opera group Bella Popera consists of three young sopranos who are a crossover sensation. They wow audiences with their breathtaking set of operatic arias, chart-topping medleys and modern covers. Having seen them perform in London, celebrity investor Deborah Meadon had little doubt that their original three-part harmonies of chart-topping hits were heavenly indeed – “Voices of Angels”.

Crossover is the name of the game. Bella Popera deliver innovative harmonies of classical arias such as Bizet’s Habanera and Delibes’ Flower Duet with style and flair. Whilst also taking timeless classics like Cant Help Falling In Love and Havana in new and exciting directions. Their British charm and cheeky humor goes down a treat with audiences, especially their Julie Andrews tribute – which can always be relied upon to get audiences singing and clapping along. And now their brand new Movie Hits medley is served up not just with class and style – but with Bella Popera’s unique classical crossover touch too.

The Bellas are girls with a goal: to build musical bridges between contrasting genres. And in so doing give electrifying interpretations to both favorite classical and popular songs. The trio is also rightly proud of its linguistic diversity – being equally at ease performing in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Determined to interact and engage with audiences, Bella Popera loves nothing more than demonstrating not only that opera and pop are entirely complimentary to one another – but that it’s also within everyone’s grasp to enjoy the very best of two equally delightful musical worlds.


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