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London, UK

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Ava Beaux is an exceptional, creative and charismatic young magician who has received 5 star reviews and high accolade from theatres, corporates and magicians alike!

Stage Show:
Offering a versatile range of shows and performance styles, Ava flourishes on stage.

If you are looking for a full-length theatrical magic show, her show Double Double Witchy Trouble will be suitable. With a unique character described as darkly comic & delightfully creepy, Ava succeeds in transporting audiences into her imaginative, enchanting realms created through magic and storytelling.

Though her performances often explore thought-provoking or darker themes, Ava is skilled at making audiences feel comfortable & reassured, especially those members bold enough to join her up on stage.

Alternatively, you may require a more light-hearted cabaret performance. For this, Ava can offer a fun, comical magic performance of any length up to, and including, 60-minutes. Ava has experience delivering both adult shows, and family-friendly performances.

Whatever you are seeking for your venue, Ava would love to hear from you. Stage performances are her passion. Believing in the importance of stories, and their ability to open-up audiences’ perspectives, Ava loves people to leave her show feeling like everything in life is just that little bit more possible. Her shows also encourage audiences to have fun and embrace their own individuality.


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