Audley Anderson

Audley Anderson


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London, UK

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Audley Anderson is a soulful singer whose incredible voice and magnetic stage presence have captivated audiences around the world.

In a pivotal moment in 2003, Audley faced with redundancy form the corporate world of Nestle made the courageous decision to leave Nestle behind, choosing to pursue his true passion… music. This bold move set him on a remarkable path that would see him impact the music industry.

Audley’s breakthrough came when he graced the stage of BBC’s hit show Fame Academy. His soul-stirring performances and exceptional vocal range left an impression on both the judges and audience, propelling him into the spotlight. This exposure not only showcased his undeniable talent but also solidified his reputation as a rising star in the soul genre.

Having gained recognition, Audley had the privilege of opening for esteemed artists such as Boys2men and Tyrese Gibson, sharing the stage with them and captivating audiences with his electrifying performances. He also embarked on memorable tours alongside icons like The Real Thing, Jeffery Daniel and Junior Giscombe, further honing his craft and absorbing invaluable wisdom from seasoned professionals. Continuing his upward trajectory, Audley graced the prime time ITV show Starstruck in 2023, performing ‘Sam Cookes’ timeless classics.

Audley Anderson’s journey from leaving the corporate world to becoming a soul sensation ( A Journey Into Soul ) is testament to his unwavering dedication to his art. With his breathtaking vocal abilities and magnetic stage presence, he continues to inspire and touch the hearts of audiences worldwide.


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