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Andy Joy


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Andy Joy has been entertaining audiences all over Australia for many years with his unique blend of musical talent, story-telling and humour. Andy’s on-stage energy and enthusiasm is captivating. Each show is packed with memorable moments as Andy jumps from instrument to instrument, performing jaw-dropping feats of musicality.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Andy has mastered more than ten different instruments, incorporating his talents into a feature show, “The (Instru)mentalist”. Andy takes audiences on a musical journey through rocking riffs on the piano, the sultry sounds of the alto and soprano saxophones, jazzy licks on the flute, and the emotive sounds of the clarinet, oboe and Celtic flute. The show is filled with twists and turns, as Andy creates musical instruments live on stage from unusual objects, including a carrot which he transforms into a “Carrotnet”.

As a pianist, Andy is “king” of the song request. His amazing ability to memorise and recall songs in an instant adds an exciting element to his headline performances. Andy’s show, “The Piano Men” salutes the great piano men of all-time, including medleys of hits from Sir Elton John, Billy Joel, Burt Bacharach, and Peter Allen.

As a vocalist, Andy has been compared to greats such as Bobby Darin, Dean Marin, Elvis Costello and Michael Bublé. Andy’s charisma, warmth and energy on stage have captivated live audiences all over the world.


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