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Adam DeGraff


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Adam DeGraff is an American violinist, composer, producer, educator, and farmer. He spent the first part of his career as a first-chair, professional orchestral musician. Since then, Adam has been experimenting with rock violin, live looping, alternative music education, and traditional permaculture farming practices.

Adam graduated from Northwestern University where he studied with famed Portuguese concert violinist, Gerardo Ribeiro. He then continued with graduate work at Rice University where he studied with the world’s most beloved concertmaster, Raphael Fliegel.

Today, millions of YouTube and Facebook views, powered by millions of people lazing around on their computers, has catapulted Adam and his projects into the realm of Fortune-500 corporate entertainment, NFL halftime shows, concerts for U.S. Presidents, senators, and governors, and live shows at many of the coolest concert venues on the planet. Adam is perhaps best known as one of the most intricate live looping violinists in the world. Exactly what does that mean? It means that every sound the audience hears is created love on stage: instantly recorded, layered, and looped back in real time without pre-recorded tracks. For Adam, it’s all about living and playing in the NOW!

Currently, Adam is touring his solo project, “Rock Violin Neat” worldwide. He also presents educational workshops, owns and operates The Lee Street Listening Room, provides premium corporate entertainment through his company Heavyweight Music, LLC, teaches in person and via Skype, and lives and farms with his family in what is officially “America’s Coolest Small Town,” Lewisburg, WV.


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