We provide exceptional talent for the cruise and hospitality industry. We dedicate ourselves to elevating the entertainment experience onboard cruise ships and thriving establishments by showcasing world-class artists from across the globe.

At Blackburn, we believe that music is not just an art form but a pivotal aspect of the cruise experience that enchants and connects audiences. Our ethos is rooted in excellence, innovation, and passion. We select our musicians not only for their outstanding musical prowess but also for their ability to engage and inspire guests from all walks of life.

Our commitment extends beyond just performance; we strive to create an environment where our artists can thrive and evolve, ensuring that every musical act is fresh, dynamic, and in harmony with our clients' visions. This approach has solidified our reputation in the industry and continues to guide our operations as we set the stage for memories that will last a lifetime.

Headline Artists

Our headline artists each bring their own unique charm and talent to the stage.

We offer an extensive variety of performers worldwide, including spellbinding magicians, side-splitting comedians, soulful vocalists, and mesmerising speciality acts, each renowned for their professionalism and expertise.

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Headline Artists


Our ensemble of handpicked musicians each bring their unique flair to their performances.

Our exceptionally skilled roster of dynamic solo artists, electrifying party bands, harmonious duos, and elegant classical ensembles, use their passion and skill to captivate audiences wherever they perform.



Guest Speakers

No matter the size or style of the event, we connect audiences to certified speakers and professionals with a wide array of backgrounds, from astronomy to wildlife to art history and more. Our goal has always been to enhance the experience of the guests, and our Enrichment program does just that. Our experts are dedicated to their craft and to making sure your experience is one for the books.

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Guest Speakers