victor michael

Victor’s shows feature music from artistes that have inspired him throughout his career and will take you on a journey from the music of the past to the superstars of the modern day. Les Miserables, Pavarotti, Sam Smith and Buble all feature and there is always a special dedication in his show to his favourite band ‘Queen’, also the most recent unbelievable duet by two icons of today ‘Perfect Symphony’ by Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli. Victor always delivers an experience that you won’t forget.


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Victor has performed his diverse show all around the world, not only on cruises but many of the major venues, theatres, and shows around the UK, USA, Dubai, Italy and many more. His proudest moment was being asked to sing for Lloyd Webber and record the lead part for the main soundtrack for ‘Phantom of the Opera’ as well as several T.V performances and shows for A list Celebrities


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Can perform 2 x 45 minute shows


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