flight risk

Flight Risk is “Death-Defying Prop Comedy” at its finest. Their quick wit and world-class juggling has had audiences around the world screaming, “Encore!”; to which Flight Risk will usually not be able to respond because they’ve already left for the bar.

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They say comedy is born out of pain, and there is nothing more painful than being stabbed repeatedly while setting records for juggling razor sharp knives and battle axes. Fortunately Flight Risk has managed to stay alive long enough to bring their daredevil feats of amazement to audiences on six continents. If Cirque Du Soleil and Stand-Up Comedy created an adrenaline producing energy drink, it would be called Flight Risk. And with absolutely zero calories in each performance, you can be guilt-free watching every single minute of it.


show details

2 x 45min English shows,
1 x 45min Mandarin (Chinese show)


The World's only super group of female magicians. Check out this amazing new act.

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